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Knowledge Sharing Initiative

Neev : Knowledge Sharing Initiative


Sensitisation to various hobbies such as philately, numismatics, reading, arts and crafts, and so on are focussed in this workshop category. Students expressing that they have heard the name of certain hobbies for the first time, is not an unusual experience for us. Personality Development – Areas such as communication, team work, motivation, time management and such find a place in this category. One of the key aims of this workshop is to ensure that opinion formation is furthered in the participants.

I Can Communicate With Confidence (ICCWC)

ICCWC is Zav’s pet project under Neev. This is an ongoing program at the L&T Vocational Training Centre, Arehalli where students are trained in public speaking. With a novel mentorship approach, this workshop has seen shy, introverted youngsters speaking with confidence and panache.

How Stuff Works??

Professionals from varied fields visit classrooms and share facts about their field of interest. The main aim of this workshop is to create awareness about the general working of everyday objects around us focussing on the science and philosophy behind them.

Personality Plus

Zav believes that awareness about the country’s intellectual past is essential for a young person’s view of the nation; this led us to start the Personality plus workshops where students are made aware of the lives of famous personalities and their journey to success.

Heritage Plus

Personality plus is ably complemented by Heritage plus where India’s heritage sites, places of historical significance and so on are spoken about.

Forum for Civic Awareness

This forum facilitates awareness regarding various civic issues such as: wildlife conservation, saving girl child, animal welfare, AIDS awareness, global warming and the like. The primary motive of FCA is to mould socially sensitised and responsible youngsters who are ready to participate in civic movements. FCA focuses on creating awareness through panel discussions, street plays, movie sessions, debates and online campaigns as well.