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Our Purpose

01Our Vision


Zav dreams of a New Society where people live in harmony, where there is total freedom for the complete growth of the individual, where each person accepts the other as they are with the right attitude. We visualize a place where people value peace, love, truth, justice and equality through self change and thus social change. A place where coming together and working together we are able to create a new future.

02Our Mission

A young and resilient India poised for higher missions and undeterred excellence.

Our mission is to create an India full of young people who are liberated from weaknesses that are personal and inter-personal; young people who are geared up to take on the future with skills that are honed in a way that there is personal change and thus social change.

03Our Inspiration

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

04Our Value Hierarchy

The Value hierarchy that drives us

Belief in self and others – each person has a spark of the supreme

Belief in society – the society is a reflection of personal character

Belief in being there – for self, others and do so willingly

Belief in a right attitude – towards self, life, work and fellowmen

Belief in collective action – that together is the right way

05Our Aims and Objectives

To awaken and transform the student milieu at higher secondary/college level, with a commitment to form the students to transform the society.

Improve productivity of youth of India through personality and leadership development programmes, vocational training programmes and peer-group activities.

Empower the differently abled

Constant reflection on inter and intra personal approaches, values, attitudes and actions.

A constant search for meaningful ways of expressing concern for others and share the experiences through a peer group

Inculcate the habit of transforming thoughts into deeds, deeds into beliefs, beliefs into attitudes and attitudes into a way of life

Decision making focused on career choices and positive outlook towards work

Inculcate the high virtue of “Kaayakave Kailaasa” and promote a deep dignity of labour in participants primarily organised in small groups which use an awareness-reflection and action method, with a priority of being led by the students themselves

Create concern among youth for environment with a focus on climate change