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An Indian always remembers four things in life. Parents’ thrashings, home cooked meals, India’s routine victories over Pakistan in every field, and the late night struggles of 10 th grade,12 th grade and college life. No matter where we are in life now, the memories of the days we spent burning the midnight oil in fear of the terrifying examinations will forever remain flickering in our hearts and minds like a candle that burns even in the rain.But, barring some exceptions, it had not been smooth sailing for the majority of us at that time. Sometimes we think back and reminisce, what if someone had guided me? What if someone had told me all the things I know now back then? Would I have done something differently? Maybe, if I had known, I would have mustered up the courage to face my parents and let them know that it should have been my decision. Considering the fact that Zav is made up of a volunteer network of young professionals from diverse backgrounds, we are aware of how painful and frustrating the final stages of an educational period can be, simply because we have been through all of that. We too have labored, we too have struggled, we have swallowed both bitter pills of failure and the sweet nectar of success and we want to pass on our experience and knowledge to the upcoming generation. We understand that not all students have information pertaining to the career options available to them and many simply follow the norm and end up suffering. Moreover, we also understand the immense entrepreneurial potential our nation holds and we try to create awareness among students that this is something they can pursue and whose worth exceeds a lifetime.

Careerz is one of the earliest initiatives of Zav and under it we have two programs: Career Guidance for 10 th and 12 th Grade Students: 10th and 12th grade is a very crucial time for students. If we trace back our lives,this crossroad would stand out to be the most critical and the most controversial one, at least in India. Is it going to science or commerce or humanities? Do I want to end up commanding an industry, a bank or a university? Facing these tough decisions can be a very tight dilemma, particularly in the modern world where even the slightest missteps could result in severe repercussions.Recognizing the problems faced by the students, we decided to lend a hand to them. Delivering lectures on various fields such as astronomical sciences, journalism, chartered accountancy, public relations, analytics, event management, nursing, civil services, designing, etc. aside from the usual suspects of engineering, medicine and law, we educate the students about the choices they have and empower them to make their own decisions and carve a glittering path for themselves in life.