Prayati : Health & Hygiene Initiative

Prayati, as Zav Foundation’s health and hygiene initiative. At Zav, we strongly feel that everyone has the right to have a healthy living. One of the greatest assets of a human being is health and by being healthy, we are creating a positive environment around us. Understanding the principle need to have a healthy and sustained society, Zav has developed Prayati to cater to the need to make the society much healthier.

Under Prayati, we serve the society under three domains, viz., awareness, camps and drives. Under awareness, we create awareness among the general public on various concerns which are having an ill effect on the healthy lifestyle, tips to stay healthy, around food habits, daily exercises, effect of yoga on our health, general awareness about medicines, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

On the camps front, we organize and execute checkup camps primarily for students, women and senior citizens of the society. Zav collaborates with various stakeholders in planning, organizing and executing camps for eye checkup, dental checkup, and general health checkup to name the existing verticals presently. In the future, along with creating awareness through the camps, we also intend to close the loop by providing effective solutions to the medical concerns of the beneficiaries of the camps.

As the statistics point out in the context of blood requirement, there is always a huge difference in the need vs availability in our country. It is essential to undertake societal drives to engage with the people and minimize the existing gap. Through our drives domain, we organize and execute blood donation drives and organ pledging drives. By doing this, Zav adds value to the donor and donee.

Through Prayati, Zav Foundation focusses constantly to encourage and aid people to stay fit and healthy, preserve the environment and add value to the society.

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