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Tussle 2.0

For the majority of us, the most cherishing memories we have are of our college days. Managing classes, or bunks depending on who is reading, ditching mess food for the unhygienic cheap junk food found just outside the college, the perennial state of hypothetical penury and of course the race to save the semester which begins one night before the finals, our undergrads and postgrads sincerely do deserve a huge round of applause for the superhuman effort they put into their lives. For all this effort, every college student expects to get a job at the end of their course. While most do get placed, there are some who fail to get placed because of awry interviews resulting from a lack of confidence or being overwhelmed by the situation. Having faced these situations ourselves, we decided to help out our fellow super humans by organizing a mock placement event known as Tussle 2.0. Spread over two days it involves actual HR professionals boasting of immense experience and commanding immense respect in their fields. These professionals volunteer with Zav and provide insights to the students on the process of placement and how to approach them. They also enlighten students on various recruitment policies, interview skills and group discussion specifics and train them in these areas so that when companies come calling, they will be ready.